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From the Desk of…

Glynnis “Alexandrite” Campbell


One day I’ll have an office that looks like this…


And comes with these…


Unfortunately, the unromantic view from my window right now would be my fellow Los Angeleno next door, probably sporting sweatpants and a ballcap.

Road OfficesSo until my office is set in a lush Highland forest, near the ruins of an ancient castle, with a babbling burn flowing past my window into a magnificent rippling loch, I have the next best thing.

Since I’m married to a rock musician with a gazillion frequent flyer miles, I’m blessed with the wonderful privilege of free travel! I just haul my trusty laptop with me wherever I go. I write on cross-country flights. I write on the band’s hours-long tour bus drives. I write in hotel rooms and lobbies. I write backstage during sound check.

Wcruise_chicks_sarah_lorihen I’m not traveling with the band, I write on the two-hour train ride to my Jewel sister Lauren Royal’s seaside home and then write some more in her office, which does have a romantic view from the window.

And sometimes Lauren and I take cruises together so we can write all day as we’re enjoying the refreshing ocean breezes and glasses of Port when we’re in port. (Here’s a picture taken in one of the rare moments we aren’t writing.)

Of course, I’m not always on the road. But even when I’m home, I only use my little nook of an office for business and social networking. When I want to be creative, I grab my laptop and slouch on the leather sofa, sit at the dining table amid mountains of research books, or find a cool corner of the garden to write.

This is actually perfect for me. I’m a Gemini, the sign of the mercurial flip-flopper. I get tired of the same-old same-old. There’s nothing quite as inspiring as tasting the fascinating sample platter of life by exploring the ever-changing scenery and heading off into the world on new adventures!

Thanks for joining me for a tour of my myriad writing spaces.  I’d love it if you’d stop by my website or join me on my FaceBook Author Page.

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