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My Favorite Thing To Do When Not Writing

Claire “Tourmaline” Delacroix

One of the things I love to do when I’m not writing is knit.

I don’t always get knitting projects finished—the story is that I save all my discipline for writing my books. I frog (that’s knitting-speak for ripping work out) a lot of things because they’re not working out as planned. This means I can get a lot of knitting pleasure out of a yarn that I like and don’t want to waste in a project that isn’t worthy of it. I have some Noro right now that I’ve knit three different times.

I shop faster than I knit, because it’s impossible to resist one more squishy skein of beautiful yarn. That combined with the tinking (tink is another word for undoing your knitting. It’s literally to knit backwards. T. I. N. K.) means I have a lot of yarn stash. The funny thing is that despite this, whenever I find a pattern I love, I never have the right yarn for it and need to buy more. 🙂

One of the reasons I knit so much is that it helps me to untangle my plots. When I’m knitting, my fingers are busy. I’m thinking about stitches and color and the feel of the yarn. While I do this, my imagination seems to wander off on its own, and figure out how on earth that character could seem to be in two places at once, or how the heroine is going to get herself out of this particular pickle, or why the hero can’t confide his secrets in anyone, even someone as obviously trustworthy as the heroine. I knit a bit each day to keep those solutions coming. I’m not sure I’d finish my books without my sticks and string.

And I do finish projects. I love to knit lace, partly because it’s beautiful and challenging, and partly because you never have to worry about whether a shawl will fit right. Here’s one I knit a few years ago in gradient-dyed silk yarn. The pattern is called Urdr, named after one of the Norns. It’s a round shawl with beads. The colorway is called Brigid, which I thought appropriate.


Here’s a pair of mittens that I knit for myself. This pattern is called The Gates of Moria, after the doors that were only revealed in the moonlight to the expedition in The Hobbit. “Speak friend and enter” is the riddle on the doors and written on the bottom of the mittens, too. These are knit with two yarns held together for each color: a sock yarn and a matching strand of KidSilk Haze. I like that the contrast isn’t absolute, which reminds me of those doors.

Do you knit? If so, you can find me on Ravelry as DCDknits.


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