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From the Desk of…

Laurin “Peridot” Wittig

My research library and reading chair in my lovely new office.

My research library and reading chair in my lovely new office.

For years my office was located right in the heart of my house, downstairs in what should have been a formal living room, next to the front door, at the foot of the stairs, and on the way to the kitchen and family room from pretty much anywhere else in the house. When the kids were little this was convenient, if not quiet.

A few years ago my house became an empty nest and I realized that my daughter’s room made a much better guest room than the room we had been using. That meant that I could take the old guest room, a small bedroom located as far away from the traffic pattern as you can possibly get in my house, and turn it into my sanctuary.

My messy computer desk...just the way I like it!

My messy computer desk…just the way I like it!

Because my downstairs office had been visible from anywhere in the house, I had to decorate it with that in mind, creating a room that didn’t clash with the rest of the public spaces and keeping it unnaturally (for me) neat. Now that I am upstairs and no one can see it unless invited, I have decorated it to create a perfect creative space for myself.  Notice the bright green walls and my stacks of stuff on every flat surface (yes, the floor counts as a flat surface!)? Those stacks are my filing system for things I need to be able to put my hands on quickly. You see, I suffer from Out-of-sight-out-of-mind syndrome so anything that goes into my actual filing cabinet is immediately forgotten.

IMG_3241I really love the mix of dark woods and bright cheerful walls, plus, when I gaze out the windows (it’s called brainstorming, not day dreaming!) I feel like I’m in a tree house.

The best thing about this office is that it is quiet and has become a true peace-filled sanctuary.

In truth, most of my first and second draft writing happens at a cafe on my laptop and this room is used for business work, editing (LOVE my big monitor for that), and research (along with the occasional yoga or meditation break). Sometimes, when it’s rainy or cold and I don’t feel like venturing out, I’ll even write here, too.

You can learn more about my books on my website.

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