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From the Desk of…

Colleen “Garnet” Gleason

IMG_5565This is the view from my office as you enter from the stairs (my office is on the second floor). Directly in front you see my treadmill desk—which my husband MusicMan built a custom mount for me to keep the desk at the proper height for me to be ergonomically correct as I walk and type.

And yes, I do walk and type at the same time! I am walking about 1.2 mph right now as I type this!

I do mostly email, social media, research, and other non-writing things at my treadmill desk, though I have written several books while walking. But recently I created a “writing only” corner where I sit and actually do only creative work.

Here you can see my steel write-on/magnetic Idea Board where I jot notes, pin photos or pics, and also mount the many collages I do. I often do a collage for each series I write (and I write in many genres, so I have several collages). You can also see, to the right of my Idea Board an array of shelves. Most of the books on the left and top shelves are copies of my books, and in the center are research books that don’t fit on my other bookshelf. I also have office supplies beneath. In the front you can see the t-shirt I had made for my Gardella Vampire Hunters series—I keep a stock of these t-shirts on hand for prizes, giveaways, and for sale to some of my most ardent fans.

IMG_5568This corner is my “writing only” corner. I use my laptop, but I also have a special ergonomic keyboard (not pictured) that I plug in because it tires my wrists to write many words on a laptop. Clustered in this corner (and to the left where you can’t see much of it) are photos, statues, icons, and other little treasures I’ve bought for myself or have been given to me by readers, friends, and family. It’s “my” corner and it’s a great place to be creative. And the lamp! I love my lamp. :-)

Here is a view of my full-wall bookshelves! I love IMG_5569these shelves and have filled them with everything from vintage Nancy Drew books, research books, keeper-shelf books, and others. You can also see a different view of my treadmill desk and printer stand.

IMG_5570Finally, here is my favorite recliner. I sit here when I am doing “quiet” work—like reading research books, editing, or reading for pleasure. My papillon Ranger is also pictured, sitting in his favorite spot to relax while I am working.

Thanks for stopping by to visit my office. If you’d like to know more about my books, I’d love to have you join me on my web site or Facebook page!

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