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From the Desk of…

Brenda “Jade” Hiatt

BrendaOfficeLike most writers, I always spent WAY too much time sitting every day, since that was how the books got written. As time went on, though, I realized that sitting all day was KILLING my back, knees and hips. I needed an alternative. During a Twitter chat a few years back, an author mentioned writing on a treadmill desk. I was fascinated, and began doing a bit of research. First I transitioned to standing (by stacking encyclopedias on my desk to raise my keyboard and monitor to the proper height), then went ahead and bought a treadmill that would slide right under my existing U-shaped desk (which I love).

Treaddesk2013I believe Colleen Gleason is the only other Jewel who writes on a treadmill (so far!) but this is a trend that needs to catch on! Not only has walking done wonders for my back, knees and hips, but it keeps the writing flowing nicely as well. I’d always found the most effective way to work through a plot problem was to take a long walk while mulling over whatever issue was puzzling me. It’s like the very motion of walking somehow shakes things loose. Now that I do nearly all of my writing while walking, I’ve discovered I don’t run into QUITE as many plot problems along the way (though I still do have to get away from the computer to puzzle through something occasionally). Of course, moving instead of sitting has all kinds of other benefits. (I’m a bit of a foodie, so I especially love being able to eat more fun stuff without gaining weight!)

Apart from the treadmill, I suspect my office isn’t all that different from most other authors’ workspaces. RegencyBookshelfI’m surrounded by research materials and tend to cover every available flat surface with books, notebooks, maps, photos, etc. for easy reference while writing. Exactly WHAT surrounds me at any given time depends on what I’m writing, of course. Right now, as I’m writing the last few chapters of a long-awaited 5th book in my Saint of Seven Dials series, I’ve got all my Regency-era stuff handy. Pinned to the wall: an 1807 map of England and an 1812 map of London. Within arm’s reach: The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book, The London Encyclopedia, Culpeper’s Complete Herbal, and a photo album of pictures I took during a Regency research trip a dozen or so years ago.

So I spend my days writing, walking, researching and occasionally gazing out the window…in other words, whatever it takes to create the very best books I can!

You can learn more about my books on my website.

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