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Inspiration Point

Tanya Anne “Emerald” Crosby


In this picture, you can see the scope of my hillside garden — weeding can be difficult!

In this picture, you can see the scope of my hillside garden — weeding can be difficult!

What inspires me? I bet you thought the answer that question might be another writer, or a maybe a place, or thing. But no, there are two places on this planet that I inevitably ALWAYS get inspired. One is the bathtub. But we won’t go there now, because, aside from telling you how annoying it is to be scrubbing soap into your hair, only to figure out the answer to your latest plot problem… well, see what I mean? But the other place I am most often inspired is my favorite place in the world to be—in my garden, with my fingers in the dirt. Literally.


Scott and I often eat in the garden, overlooking his tomatoes.

Not only is the garden my literal happy place, it’s supposedly everyone’s happy place, since soil microbes have been found to have happy-up effects on the brain with effects on neurons that are similar to what is produced by drugs like Prozac. The bacterium was found to also stimulate serotonin production, which not only helps put you to sleep at night, but relaxes you in general. The nerd in me just loves science, and the nature lover in me rejoices in it.

Mini roses and carnations coexist with creeping thyme

Mini roses and carnations coexist with creeping thyme

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved flowers and digging in the dirt, and now I know why! These days, whenever I’m not feeling the muse love, I grab my garden tools, and go gloveless to the garden. My husband is always scolding me for leaving my garden gloves in the toolbox, but I like getting dirt beneath my nails. And now I know why!

Together, Scott and I have become amateur rose buffs. We grow heirloom roses, as well as veggies, and some of my favorite garden residents are the herbs many of the characters in my stories would have used for medicinals or household purposes. I love books on the subject, and have quite a few.

I get so excited when I see my peonies come up, but these are the last of this year’s blooms.

I get so excited when I see my peonies come up, but these are the last of this year’s blooms.

Some of my favorite garden denizens are Echinacea (cone flowers), yarrow, lavender, sage and poppies.

I also adore peonies and I’m always sad to see them go for the year. On my To-Do list this year is to learn how to make teas from dandelions (yep, the regularly old weedy variety growing in your yard) and jelly from rose hips. In Maiden from the Mist, Sorcha shares my joy for herbs. But one thing’s for sure, if I’m not at the computer, the garden is where you’ll most likely find me.

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