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Inspiration Point

Glynnis “Alexandrite” Campbell


Bicycling through Bidwell ParkMy Inspiration Point is a Celtic forest! Long before I’d ever been to Scotland, I lived next to beautiful Bidwell Park in California, which had served as Sherwood Forest in the Errol Flynn version of “Robin Hood”! My bicycle was my trusty steed as I rode on the winding roads through the woods, inventing tales of King Arthur and his knights. My favorite family vacations were camping trips in the Northwest, where the forests were delightfully green, full of magical mist, moss, and mushrooms.

Castle CampbellWhen I visited Scotland for the first time, I felt like I’d come home. The fern-filled forests were much like the ones I’d grown up loving. But dotting the landscape were the castles, waterfalls, cottages, and cobbled streets I’d only imagined before. This is Castle Campbell—one of several claimed by the clan!

Celtic forests seem almost like living, breathing beings. There’s a yielding quality to the earth underfoot. The wind sounds as if it’s sighing through the trees. Burn of Care in Dollar GlenThe faint hum of insects, the distant rush of water, and colorful birdsong comprise a woodland lullaby. The scent of Mother Nature’s damp soil and new leaves is vibrant and strangely comforting. And yet, like the Elves of J.R.R. Tolkien, while the forest is lovely, danger may lurk beneath its beautiful face. The woods are dark, deep, and seductive. This is the romantically-named Burn of Care in Dollar Glen.

Roslin GlenBecause the clothing of a forest is constantly changing and growing, I always feel like I’m the first person to venture down any woodland path. Once I enter that peaceful, enchanting, ethereal environment, inspiration caresses my cheek and whispers in my ear like a lover, filling my head with tempting possibilities.
In medieval times, Britain was much more heavily wooded, so when I visit for research, I try to find preserved forests. This is beautiful Roslin Glen in Scotland, part of the forest which adjoins Roslin Castle. Jewel sister Lauren Royal and I commandeered the castle several years ago on a writing trip and got to roam through the lovely woods.

JKillarney National Parkust last month, I took my first trip to Ireland to research my next book, DESIRE’S RANSOM. Since the heroine is an Irish Robin Hood character, I spent most of the time exploring the well-preserved forests of Killarney National Park.

I think when I visit a Celtic forest, there is always be a woodland faerie perched on my shoulder, whispering ideas into my head. Who wouldn’t be inspired by such a breathtaking landscape

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