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From the Desk of…

Tanya Anne “Emerald” Crosby

IMG_0427Vibe is important to me when writing, so I tend to write wherever I’m drawn to be for the day. Sometimes, that’s out on the screened porch with a view of my garden. Sometimes it’s cross-legged on my window-seat, and sometimes in my office.

I wish I could be like Jewel sisters Colleen Gleason and Brenda Hiatt, who can write at their treadmill desks. For some reason, even though I can walk and chew gum simultaneously, I can’t write and tread at the same time. But music is always important to me, and it’s the one thing I can’t do without, so I put on a moody soundtrack (no words to confuse me!) and open a vein.

IMG_1119IMG_0429Time at my desk tends to revolve around the business aspect of writing, or playtime (so if I’m on Facebook, that’s usually where I am). Plotting finds me working in my garden, or enjoying a bath bomb. Seriously, that’s where most of my ideas and plot workarounds find me (which is really inconvenient- ha!).

IMG_1271I’m also surrounded by furbabies. My two yellow labs, Sam and Haley, are usually at my feet and my two kitties, Jinx and Fifi, are milling about. Sometimes, Fifi decides the desk is hers and even if I’m in the mood to write there, guess who wins? Here they are scoping the view of the garden. Today’s soundtrack is Into the Wild by Michael Brooks (a favorite!), I’m on the window-seat, and my dogs are on the floor at my side, both blissing out.

Thanks for joining me for a tour of my myriad writing spaces.  I’d love it if you’d stop by my website or join me on my FaceBook Author Page.

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