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Featured Jewel – Erica Ridley


When I first started writing, I hadn’t yet settled on a genre. I tried my hand at mystery, horror, romantic suspense, family sagas, but nothing seemed quite right. 
One day, an anonymous, notoriously impossible-to-please agent named Miss Snark posted a writing challenge to unpublished authors on her blog. I was sitting in an airport killing time between flights, and figured, why not? I made up an outlandish premise on the spot. To my surprise, she loved it, and encouraged me to seek literary representation. As it turned out, she was right! Well, partly.
I landed a brilliant literary agent (Hi, Lauren!) with a wild, sexy RomCom starring the tooth fairy, but shockingly, Hollywood was not ready for this.  Gregory Maguire’s Wicked and The Rock’s tooth fairy movie both came out shortly after the rejections piled up, so perhaps I was ahead of my time?
When my madcap romp didn’t sell, I bait-and-switched my preternaturally easy-going agent with a moody, Regency-“Clue”-style gothic historical romance. (Mr. Peacock in the conservatory with a knife! Or perhaps a kiss…)
To my delight, this did sell! The marketing department renamed the dark, brooding (but still funny!) manuscript Too Wicked to Kiss, and contracted me for two more. I was over the moon!
My first book launch party was in an independent book store in the heart of Tampa, where I lived at the time. Because I lived so close to Orlando, my second launch party featured actors dressed up as the characters—including a Disney princess! It was sooo much fun.
After writing several gothic historicals, I switched to more lighthearted Regency-set romantic comedies, like the Dukes of War series and the 12 Dukes of Christmas—the first romance of which is free from now through the holidays, for both series! I hope you love them.
Heartwarming historical romps seem to be a good home for me… at least for now. I never know what I might write next!




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